Welcome to The Carpenter’s House

Each of us has a story which involves our individual journey through life.  No matter where you are in that journey, we want to help you find your way home to God. At The Carpenter’s House we seek to experience God’s love when we connect to God through individual and corporal worship. Come and experience church like you never have before.

Our Purpose

The Carpenter’s House seeks to become 3 Dimensional Believers of God.  Through the 3 dimensions; Connect, Grow, and Serve we develop to be followers of Christ.

CONNECT:  We seek to experience God’s love when we CONNECT to God through individual and corporal worship.

GROW: We seek to understand God’s love as we GROW together in relationships where life change happens.

SERVE:  We seek to demonstrate God’s love as we SERVE others in using the gifts God gave us to bless the community.

 Who We Are

The Carpenter’s House was planted on March 23, 2003. We are a church with a heart to help people find their way home to God. We believe that every aspect of your life (spiritual, emotional, physical, and family) can be transformed by the power of the Great Carpenter.

At the Carpenter’s House you will find an atmosphere of exaltation and transformation, an environment of acceptance and restoration and relevant and encouraging Word. We believe that laboring in the formation of ministry is essential. It is our desire to assist the body of believers in achieving their greatest potential for Christ through the discovery and development of their spiritual gifts in a variety of efficient ministries. When we incorporate everyone in the work, the church is strengthened and the name of the Lord is glorified.